Fun 8th grade writing assignments

Imagine that if a little like Jurassic Park, scientists could bring people back to life from bone DNA.

M Mar 13, at 3: Create a Graph on the Smartboard — Instructions about the types of graphs is given. They can also write and solve problems that match the paint-by-number answers. Describe, in the first person narrative, what happens next. We also calculated the mass of the ball relative to its volume and density.

Eighth Grade Math Worksheets | Printable Workbooks

And someone of our class made chocolate pie in the form of the symbol pi. Can someone with no education be more intelligent than a person with a degree. Toy Create a drawing or a prototype of a toy that might have been used from the children of that specific time period.

What could be done about this and should something be done. Invent and describe a new event for the Olympics.

The Teacher Report: Fun End-of-Year Assignments

There are tons of great activities and tools you can use to make sure your eighth grade students are prepared for high school—but one of the absolute best options is to have them start writing a daily journal. Students will measure various objects in the classroom using their own feet and a ruler.

The door is locked, the walls are white. Extra credit was given to groups who brought in an actual pie to share with the class. Montford's annual 8th grade trip to Washington, D. Pitonyak's Pyramid Puzzle - A lesson that answers "What would an Egyptian pyramid cost to build today. Then we ate apple pies that had the pi symbols on each piece.

Describe what happens next. A passenger in the last compartment waves and I gasp. We of course, had to tell the class what the area of our pie was, as well as the circumference. It is a short activity, but I only have an hour with my homeroom tomorrow and I have to give out and explain a lot of forms.

If you had to create a resume about your qualities as a friend, what would it include.

30 New 8th Grade Writing Prompts

Where do these thoughts come from. After they have placed the pieces in the lid, they will count how many shapes there are. Write about the most important thing in your life. If you had a time machine, what famous moment in history would you like to witness.

By Sigrid Murphy Mar 9, at 9: Your assignment is to gather information about Pi from the internet use Google, for example and write an original poem, song, or rap. We discussed the origination of pi and the non-terminating decimal it creates. Preston, MA is an author, teacher, and parent. By Vickie Mar 15, at 1: By Nicole Burgoyne Mar 13, at 8: Given the size of the pieces, we calculate calories per piece and just for kicks, we estimate volume of our bites and calculate calories per bite.

They also found the class average which they discovered was very close to pi. By Sarah Mar 7, at 5: A blog about my experiences using foldables and interactive notebooks with my middle school math students.

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Write about something that comes easily to you. Math Forum Teacher's Place, The- Activities by grade level and interest. - Offers information about basic math and algebra, includes information about learning styles, study skills tips, tutorial lessons authored by students, math assignments, links to free tutors, math videos, math games, and ways to reduce math anxiety, all in.

Above all, have fun with math apart from homework! Your job is to grab teachable moments as they happen, listen to your child’s questions, ask some of your own, and and learn right along with him. Think of yourself as your child’s math cheerleader.

Grade 8 Writing Prompts Page 3 December Competition is a constant presence in today’s schools, where students not only compete with one another in the classroom but also in sports and in various extracurricular activities.

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Fun 8th grade writing assignments
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