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Olio Acts — Smaller numbers or acts performed "in one" during set changes for the major acts of the show. Box Set — An interior set consisting of three complete walls; the proscenium is understood to be the fourth wall and from this comes the term "breaking the fourth wall", meaning violating the convention that the plane of the proscenium is as solid as any of the other walls.

The resulting powdery blacking was then rubbed on the face.

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Candy actually says, "You take the Edith Prickley double and I'll take the other girl and get out of here," acknowledging the fake as a wink to the audience. Below are the awards. Wheels — Theater circuits, chains of theaters under the same management. For the art of writing, you need to gain experience.

By that time, burlesque had become little more than a series of bump-and-grind strip routines interrupted by the occasional half-hearted comic bit. Call Sheet — A list of actors and other personnel, on which everyone must sign in on arrival at the theater.

Mountaineer — An alumnus of the Borscht Belt, the resorts in the Catskills catering largely to Jewish audiences and known for their affinity for Jewish ethnic material. Deuce Spot — Second act on the bill. Sitting on their Hands — An audience resolutely refusing to applaud. May be released for last-minute sale if not given away.

Terp Team — Ballroom or other paired dancers, from "Terpsichore," the Greek muse of dance. Stick Act — A gymnastic act on the horizontal bar.

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These irreverent topical shows made fun of or "burlesqued" highbrow entertainments and current events. The strikeout challenges then took place in the middle of the dining room, with many patrons injured by speeding baseballs.

British Comedy Guide

Lard Actor — A performer who can't make enough money to remove his makeup with cold cream, but uses lard instead. Follow spots often have an adjustable iris which narrows the beam, and a "boomerang" a selection of holders for color media.

The show's length is continually cut until Needle is down to mere seconds of airtime. You have to think of it in terms of a batting average. Berle even became known as "Mister Television. In "Niagara Falls" the straight man meets a down-and-outer whose life has been ruined by an unfaithful wife, and who goes berserk at the mention of Niagara Falls, where he caught her and the man who stole her: People use it anyway, it's all over the web - when you see it, think of me.

Most building codes require a fire curtain and automatic fireproof stage doors in theaters with a stage height of more than 50 feet. While still in the institution, he runs for reelection with the campaign slogan "Get me outta here. Slapstick — Knockabout physical comedy, named for the "slapstick," a bat-like paddle with a flap that emits a huge "slap" sound when struck.

Over a decade later, Levy would grant Norm Macdonald permission to borrow the basic premise for the Celebrity Jeopardy. They live on in memory today as vividly as the acts of the great stars of vaudeville. K-Tel, a parody of rapid-fire mail-order commercial announcers, speaks in a rapid patter both on and off the air.

A performer might "gag" in the same sense he could "upstage" someone, aggressively drawing attention or throwing the other performer into confusion. The misfortune, however, is, that when we seek to elevate the character of the people, we give them such mere dry abstract truths and dogmas to digest, that the uneducated mind turns with abhorrence from them.

Audiences never tire of the "burlesque. Trap — A "trap door" opening in the stage floor enabling performers to enter or exit downward, fitted with a secure covering to make the area just another part of the stage floor when not in use.

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Called a "sleeper jump" because it was so far from the stage that it seemed to take an overnight railway trip to get up there. Stage Door — The entrance from the street to backstage.

Hemp — Scenery and lights were originally hung from pipes suspended by hemp ropes. All of the awards are voted for by the website's users except one, the British Comedy Guide Editors' Award, which is an award voted for just by the controllers of the guide, and is given "to the show, person, channel, or indeed anything else comedy related that deserves some recognition.

Bit by bit, moving pictures edged out the performers. Vaudeville Lingo Compiled by Wayne Keyser. Ad Lib — Short for "ad libitum" (latin for "at will"): to perform dialog or business made up by a performer on the spot (and not rehearsed or in the script).

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Automatic works cited and bibliography formatting for MLA, APA and Chicago/Turabian citation styles. Now supports 7th edition of MLA.

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Comedy sketch format writing a business
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